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Making sure your company is compliant, and properly mitigated HR risks, our company will audit your key legal and HR templates to make sure you are properly covered. We will do so in partnership with your legal council.

Our company specializes in providing externalized Human Resources services. From audit, Compensations and benefits, training, KPIs, and compliance our company can cover the entire spectrum of HR-related services.

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But.. why?

Why we do what we do?

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting billions of people around the world. Everyone is affected by this. This statement is even more accurate when we think about Small and medium size businesses. They are the backbone of the economy. They need our support, especially when it comes to Digital Transformation, Human Resources and Recruitment. Our goal at HireRecruiters is to continue making an impact by providing above-and-beyond HR and Recruitment services and help our clients' business make it through this pandemic.

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How well are you doing on compliance-and-legal? We can help

Compliance And Legal is €55 per hour.

Compliance And Legal


Per hour, per company.

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